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About Us

Saat Phere – Nimantran brings you the biggest ever collection in the heart of the Chennai City called Sowcarpet, For Designer & Customized cards specially for North & South Indian which fulfil your dream wedding (which is the bond of love), When two lovers decided to get married, they would start to plan card make lots of decisions in order to make their wedding day perfect. However, have you ever thought of what is the meaning behind all this preparation?

Once you get your big day confirmed, you need to settle the budget and all the details, no wonder you will need to stand lots of pressure till the end of your wedding day. It is nonsense to put you in debt just because you wish to make your dream wedding come true. There are many ways you can make your wedding remarkable.

A good planning would help you to achieve your goal under budget. Even though you have a very tight budget, you can still make your wedding special. The first thing is to come up with a guest list. With the guest list completed, you would mostly have an idea about the quantity of all the stuff such as wedding invitation, Choreography, Photography & Pandits in the wedding reception etc.

The true meaning of wedding vows is to be committed with your partner. Wedding vow is a sacred promise between bride and groom in front of God, that they love each other and be committed to each other, in all thick and thin.

In the wedding vows couples promises in the front of families, relatives, and friends that they will love and be together for life long, Do this to make the relationship strong:

1. Keep in your heart what traits and beautiful qualities your partner has that brings you closer
2. Be kind and gentle behaviours
3. Respect each other. Love and cherish all the beautiful moments that you spend together

In difficult times remember to love and support each other, because if you are together you can easily trespass all your worries and bad time, and will see the new shine of hope, positivism and affection around you.

Don’t make love for each other, as contract; whenever the conditional term comes in any relationship, it is certain that it fails. Go for unconditional commitment in the marital relationship and your wedding vows.

If someone or your parents had gone through divorce, that doesn’t mean that the same will repeat with you. Believe on yourself, you partner, keep your commitment and love alive.

Love your partner stay together in sickness and in good or bad time. It will make your bond stronger.




With the help of latest Computer Technology and professional human resources we are unique from our competitors. We use the latest Technology in Computer and Professional people in Designing of wedding cards.


Conventional Printing, Special Foil Printing & Embossing, Screen Printing, Offset printing.

With the help of modern technology and our experienced staff you can check the proofing though E-mail & Fax which saves your valuable time.


We do have other daily requisites of a common man for their day today life like stationery and office requirements like visiting cards, letter heads, envelopes etc.

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