Scale lucrative, mind-blowing opportunities with LandOrc - where cryptocurrency meets real-estate lending!

Tap into the large DeFi financing opportunity of USD 128 billion and growing

Enter high-interest real-estate markets sized at over USD 500 billion

Start investing directly, and diversify your portfolio

Robust blockchain solutions for a global community of investors


Long-term Gains using DeFi Platform

Crypto investment in Real Estate Lending is the single source of truth that you are looking for. It is a digitized ledger that democratizes access and increases trust.

Investors earn twice the base lending rate in developing markets, thus offering higher interest arbitration.

  • Great ROI
  • Guaranteed results
  • Global real estate lending
Manage risks and maximize gains now

Trust the Secure Process

Along with transparency and security, investing in collateralized lending with cryptocurrency brings high returns while having the security of land as collateral.

Investors earn twice the base lending rate in developing markets, thus offering higher interest arbitration.

  • Robust KYC process
  • No intermediaries
  • Expedites contract processes
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About us

LandOrc welcomes you to the land of new opportunities. Invest in real estate lending with your cryptocurrency and explore the new asset class with accessibility, trust, and high potential to grow multi-fold over the next few years.

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Meet Our Great Teams

The team at LandOrc bring extensive experiences across relevant industry verticals and expertise. The multinational team ensures diversity in approaches and ideas.

Damodharan V

Chief Executive Officer, Global operations


Advisor, Marketing

Greg Duffell

Advisor, Market Entry, SEA

Peng Yew (PY)

Advisor, Real Estate Industry

Manoharan S

Chief Executive Officer, India operations

Jason LIM

Senior Data Analyst (Real Estate)

Suresh Naidu

Advisor, Innovation & Communication

Prakash Mathavan

Advisor, Finance Management

Sree Murthi

Chief Technology Officer

Navonil Roy

Principal Advisor

Nick Low

Advisor, Technology


Design & Dev



Andra Ann

Project Coordinator

Praveena Premakumar

Senior Manager Operations

Mirza Mahfuza

Project Management
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